Our Core Values

Our Core Values

We are committed to a set of core values which form the guiding principles for all our decisions and actions. We attempt to instill these values in our students.

Excellence: Achieve the highest quality standards in teaching, research and service. Have a passion for excellence and rigor in all our activities.

Integrity: Uphold honesty and the highest moral and ethical principles. Maintain transparency and accountability in all matters.

Innovation: Encourage curiosity, ingenuity, and enterprise. Be open to new ideas and challenge the status quo.

Teamwork: Respect and inspire one another in our collective endeavors. Accept individual, intellectual and cultural diversity.

Care: Serve the community and society at large. Safeguard all our resources and the environment.

Professionalism: We expect each student, faculty member and administrative staff of the college to consistently demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement in their personal, academic and professional performance.