Our Courses

Following Courses are Offered


  1. B.Com - Finance
  2. B.Com - Computer Application
  3. B.Com - Co-operation
  4. BBA
  5. BCA
  6. B.Sc - Artificial Intelligence
  7. B.Sc - Food Technology * (Waiting For Approval)



1. Aviation

2. Cll Logistics

3. IBM

     a. Data science

     b. Cyber security

     c. Artifical Intelligence

     d. Cloud computing

     e. Internet of things (IOT)

     f. Block Chain

     g. Design Thinking

     h. Quantum Computing

4. SAP


The curriculum of the programs in MET’S has been designed to impart and nurture scholastic skills in the students as per university norms. The program is built with features to transform the students into multifaceted personalities with a strong inclination to think, reason and make better decisions in order to improve their quality of life as well as that of the organizations where they will work. Students graduating from this programs will be presented with a wide range of career opportunities in government, semi government, large public limited companies, private enterprises and MNCs across the globe.