Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC)




           IEDC is a non-profit separate independent central facilitating Centre within the institution formed to promote the Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship among the students and thus equipping them as job providers rather than job seekers.


           To be a central support Centre with in the institution, irrespective of the branch / department, meeting the needs of young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas of state/national importance and social relevance.


         To develop institutional mechanism with required infrastructure to develop Innovative /latest Technology /Entrepreneurial culture among the students.

Objectives of IEDC:

  1. To act as an institutional mechanism for providing various services including information on all aspects of enterprise building to the budding entrepreneurs.

  2. Organizing design contests among students projects of all branches and evaluate best projects for promotion.

  3. Organizing Innovation / Technology / Entrepreneurship based workshops and programs among students.

  4. Helping students to prepare business plans for the proposed activity and assuring continuous support as a consultant to make the enterprise a grand success.


Functions of IEDC:

  1. To initiate innovative academic projects in each year for new innovative product development.

  2. To organize Innovations / Technology / Entrepreneurship / /Skill development based seminars /workshops /camps in the campus.

  3. To organize Innovation, design, business - plan based competition among students to explore their creativity and innovations skills to discover new innovation project ideas.

  4. To act as a bridge between  the student entrepreneurs and various Govt. funding and entrepreneurship promoting agencies and thus to guide and assist prospective entrepreneurs on various aspects  such as preparing project reports ,obtaining project approvals, loans and facilities from  agencies of support system ,information on latest technologies etc…


Organizational Structure:   IEDC METSCAS.

  1. Chief Patron: Principal.

  2. IEDC Nodal Officer.(Convener)

  3. Staff Coordinators from each departments.

  4. Student representatives from all branches.